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Welcome to the Prestbury Parish Council website.

​Prestbury Parish sits astride the River Bollin in the North Cheshire Green Belt. It is bounded on the east by the River Dean, with Bollington and the Pennine foothills beyond, and, on the west, by the sandstone ridge that is ‘The Edge’ at Alderley. It lies to the south and south west of the Adlington Hall estate and to the north of the market town of Macclesfield.

The administrative parish, which is part of Cheshire East Borough Council, is long and narrow in shape and covers 1,165 hectares. It has a border with the Greater Manchester conurbation as its northern tip extends up to Woodford in Stockport and its southern border almost meets up with Henbury Parish and includes Macclesfield Rugby Club.

Further information about Prestbury

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Minutes & Agendas - Who are we?

Minutes & Agendas

We will upload the latest dates and minutes from all the Council meetings onto this site and  will continue to upload the archive of the Council minutes from meetings January 2011 onwards.

We will use the News and Events column to keep you informed about local information and other items which we think are important for you to know. The column will also carry details about what’s happening in the area and we encourage the organisers of events to let us know, using the contact form, so we can provide further publicity for your activities.

Who are we?

For a detailed list of all current members, please visit the councillors page.

What we do

• The Council regularly meet to discuss local issues

• Support and encourage ongoing community engagement initiatives
• Maintain devolved assets at a local level
• Support the economic diversity and prosperity of the village
• Review planning applications and make comment as appropriate

Prestbury Meeting Schedule

Here are the scheduled council meetings

Planning Committee Meeting
Prestbury Village Hall 9:30am
Ordinary Council Meeting
Prestbury Village Hall 7:30pm
Prestbury Parish Council Meeting.
Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting
Prestbury Village Hall 9:30am
Prestbury Parish Council Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting. This meeting will review the quarter 2 finances.
Staffing Committee Meeting
Prestbury Village Hall 10:45am