Bridge Green Car Park


A short stay car park was proposed by Prestbury Parish Council (PPC) in [Date] and a consultation was held with local businesses to establish what was required.

At the meeting of [DATE] the council discussed and agreed that this new car park should be a short stay car park as there are two long stay car parks at Springfields and Shirleys Drive with a total of over 120 spaces between the two sites.

As there were other long stay car parks in Prestbury it was decided by the council that 90 mins would be suitable as a short stay car park and it would be reviewed 2 years after the car park was opened.

Planning & Building

PPC had an initial consultation to establish what to do with the land. There were there options on the table. Make it a green space, a car park or [Please advise what the third option was].

Once it was decided that a car park should be built the PPC had a consultation with residents and business owners in [DATE] on the basis of a new small car park will be short stay for 90 mins. This was put to the vote of the community and was passed. Based on the outcome of this PPC contracted a car parking company for 3 years to enforce the 90 min stay once the car park had been built.

The building took many months due to the regulations and restrictions placed on PPC by Cheshire East.


The car park is located in a conservation area and the PPC is limited to the size and location of any signs in the car park.

Currently there are three signs, one on entry and two in the car park which clearly display the terms and conditions of parking.