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On 01 March 2021, the CAA published an updated fourth edition of CAP 1616, Airspace Change: Guidance on the regulatory process for changing the notified airspace design and planned and permanent redistribution of air traffic, and on providing airspace information.

Purpose of the guidance
CAP 1616 describes the different stages of the airspace change process and the activities involved – from the conception of the need for a change, to engaging with those potentially affected, assessing the impacts of different design options from a safety, operational, economic and environmental perspective, and ultimately the regulatory decision, and if appropriate the implementation and subsequent review of the change.

Changes to the fourth edition
Changes to the fourth edition include:

  • the CAA’s policy and guidance relating to the scaled Airspace Change Process for a permanent change to airspace design involving the implementation of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) Without an Approach Control Service (WAC)
  • updated wording to improve the clarity and consistency of the options appraisal process and to better reflect its current functionality
  • adding wording to reflect CAA online airspace change portal requirements for consideration of multiple stages at the same gateway assessment meeting
  • amended requirements for targeted engagement or consultation for a temporary airspace change
  •  requirement for targeted engagement with stakeholders instead of consultation for an airspace trial
  • adding a reference to the use of digital channels as part of consultation supporting activities options at Stage 3
  • updating hyperlinks or cross-references to other documents or organisations
  • improvements to the general clarity and consistency of the document.

A full list of changes can be found in CAP1616e.

How to download this document
The revised guidance can be downloaded at: www.caa.co.uk/cap1616

There are two versions, interactive and non-interactive. The interactive version is a bigger-sized file which includes linked navigation within the PDF allowing you to move around the document using tabs. The smaller file is a plain PDF of the same document, without the navigation.

For more information
Please contact airspace.policy@caa.co.uk