The Committee System

Prestbury Parish Council delegate some business to Committees which enables members to consider more complex issues in further detail at Committee level. Each Committee has a Chair who has been nominated and voted for by the members of each Committee. Decisions are founded on majority vote from all Committee members present at the meeting at which the decision is made.

Agendas for each meeting are issued a minimum of three clear working days before the meeting is due to take place.

Unless noted otherwise in the agenda, all Council meetings and all Committee meetings will be held at Prestbury Village Hall.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

The councillors on the F & GP Committee can be found to the right.


  • Cllr Peter Holes
  • Cllr Keith Podmore
  • Cllr Marilyn Leather
  • Cllr Jon Hallowell

Planning Committee

Members of the Planning Committee can be found to the right.


  • Cllr Marilyn Leather
  • Cllr Thelma Jackson
  • Cllr Arthur Dicken
  • Cllr Danny Franks